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Websites and branding for legal and financial professionals who are ready for a digital home with a bit more personality

Websites for Lawyers

If you work in an industry with exacting standards, we remove the bland and the boring and give you the extra edge that you need to really shine in your marketplace and attract more of the higher-paying clients that you love.

We tend to work with smaller 1-5 person service businesses - usually in the legal and financial sphere, where we can really make a difference.

Show up looking like the very best in your field and guess what? You'll be seen, trusted (and hired) as the best every time. We make sure that from the moment your visitors land on your site they feel perfectly at home with you. They know that they can trust you and that they are in good hands. No need to look elsewhere.

When we talk about sending the right message to your prospects we mean everything that goes into the making of a great website:

An Engaging Strapline • Sleek Branding and Logo • Beautiful Images • Intelligent Copy • Elegant Fonts •  Compelling Testimonials • Stylish Contact & Engagement Forms • Striking Colour Scheme

What our clients say:

Yvette is that rare find, a “full-service” web designer bringing high standards and dedicated professionalism to a project.  The driving force behind Plume Web Design, Yvette successfully steered me through a long-term project fraught with challenges and constraints.

I am particularly appreciative of her commitment to and enthusiasm for, my business vision, which never wavered. For me, finding not just a talented vendor but also a collaborator was key.  This collaborative approach culminated in our achieving a tremendously satisfactory project result.

Besides her obvious technical skills, she has the patience of Job and brings a high-energy, humorous work style to tasks that is both fun and motivating.  I recommend her without reservation to any legal professional or entrepreneur.

Dorothy Delahunt - Techtonica Ltd (Legal Tech Experts)

We understand your market and what it expects.  If you are dealing with professional and/or high end clients you cannot speak to them with a site from ten years ago with dated pastel colours, fuzzy logos, basic fonts and stock images.  Not to mention boring copy, spelling mistakes and broken links.

We prefer fresh, exciting and aspirational, and build our sites using intelligence, judgement and very good taste.

We work with you to clarify your message and then communicate it in the most engaging way possible, using fantastic images and great copy. This creates an online home for you that will give your clients a feeling of trust and reassurance from their very first dealings with you.

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