Answers to your FAQs

Ha, yes, we get this one a lot. We don't turn anyone away if we think we'd be a good fit. We naturally tend to attract more women, as we think they really like our friendly and non-geeky approach so we've kind of gone with that, but happy to work with the boys sometimes!

Depending on which package you go for, we will collect some details from you via our questionnaire. This is where you'll share your style preferences, website copy, website  images (if you already have them) and necessary access to 3rd party tech tools needed to complete your project.

We'll walk you through the prep process a bit more during our introductory call and we give you access to our shared project management system so you can see where we are with your project at any given time during the 30 days.

You'll be working with and communicating directly with me or Angelica throughout the entire process. Anything that needs to be done through our developers and or graphic designers/illustrators will be dealt with through us.

After launching, you'll be invited to sign up for a Website Care Plan where you'll then have access to my support team.

Many clients use this opportunity to elevate or refine their existing brand identity. But if you already have a strong brand identity or maybe just a logo you love, we can certainly incorporate that into your new website. Often it could be a case of keeping the original logo but changing the font of words that go with it, or adding a tag/strapline to it (e.g. ours is 'Website and Branding for Women who mean Business). 

While we primarily work on brand and website design projects, on occasion, we will take on a branding-only project. 

Every project starts with a brief questionnaire to get a few details from you then we book an introductory phone or video call (whichever your prefer) where we'll discuss your business, goals and go over our step-by-step process with you.

We can take care of all this stuff for you if you like, as although it is incredibly important it is also rather dull. 

A lot of clients come to us and say that they have bought a domain name, what now?  

It’s a good start but you also need a place for your website to 'live' and this is called hosting.  We can help you set all of this up and offer competitive hosting prices. 

Not all hosting is created equal - what you will need depends on factors like the amount of traffic you will have to your site, but we can advise you on all this (and set it up for you).

We build all of our websites in WordPress, a very powerful CMS (Content Management System) which will allow you to manage and update the website yourself.  You'll be able to  update images, add in new pages and make text changes.

WordPress is a fantastic platform that's flexible, easy to use and maintain. With several years of WordPress experience, we've found it to be an ideal fit for many different types of website and business.

Google likes WordPress websites because the WordPress behind-the-scenes code forces the site to be neat and tidy, without broken internal links, and with a spider-friendly structure that makes it easy for them to crawl the site.

If you prefer not to 'get under the bonnet' so to speak we will talk to you about a different care and maintenance plans so you can opt to have all of this done for you. 

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