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Pumpkins Nanny Agency

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Clients want a reason to feel good about their decision to hire you, so when Jane and Claire from Pumpkins Nanny Agency approached us, we quickly understood the fresh, modern identity they would need to become the leading agency in their area.

The new online home we created for them guaranteed that their audience would get a feeling of trust and serenity from the very first time they landed on the website.

Pumpkins Nanny Agency (1400 x 2245 px) (1) copy
Pumpkins Nanny Agency (1400 x 2245 px) (1)

The Magic Formula - Know Your Audience

Families who hire nannies are affluent and aspirational in terms of what they want from life for themselves and for their families. They are design savvy when it comes to their choice of home decor, clothes, cars, and all the way down to their choice of buggy and changing bag.  Jane and Claire knew that they couldn't continue to speak to this market with their dated site.

To increase Pumpkin's appeal to their target market we used a strong but muted colour palette and evocative images to bring vibrancy and style to the website. We enjoyed breathing new life into the registration forms for new families and new nannies, especially as forms are an often neglected part of a website build.

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